We won The Standoff 2020

The Standoff is a unique cyber environment created by IT and information security specialists for the secure development of IT infrastructure, which allows you to simulate the digital twin of a modern metropolis and demonstrate how cybercriminals can affect its high-tech infrastructure. The Standoff virtual city contains the same hardware and software components with all available vulnerabilities as a real city. This year there were the airport, seaport, railway, business center, bank, amusement park, city systems (traffic lights and street lighting), TV and radio broadcasting system, oil production station, electrical substation, power station plant and petrochemical plant.

On The Standoff platform, cyber defense specialists (blue teams – 6 teams) and pentesters (red teams – 29 teams) play out a range of real-life cyber attack scenarios, simulating full testing cycles.

In this year the event was lasted five days. I was in the Codeby.net team. And this sleepless five days were crazy and full of pain. But as a result, we won The Standoff.

I would like to thank all participants and organizers of this event, that was really awesome!

More information you can find here.

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