Hi, dear reader or random guest!

My name is Kutlymurat Mambetniyazov. Yes, you can accidentally call the demon from the hell if you try to pronounce my name 🙂 So, you can call me just Murat.

My nickname is @manfromkz. As you already guessed, I am from Kazakhstan.

In our country we respect the great poet and philosopher Abai Qunanbaiuly. I want to quote one verse from his poems:

Әсемпаз болма әрнеге,
Өнерпаз болсаң, арқалан.
Сен де — бір кірпіш, дүниеге
Кетігін тап та, бар қалан!

Of course, I cannot show all the eloquence of the Kazakh language, but I will try to translate:

Don’t get carried away with the random things,
If you want to be an artisan, then work hard.
You are the brick of the world,
Find the flaw and take your place.

I hope you got the idea. I will try to be at least half a brick to the IT world, if not one.

I like researching and discovering how things work. In this blog I will publish my humble notes.

Hope you will enjoy!