Video course “Ethical hacking and Penetration testing”

Sharing is caring. I decide to try systemize my knowledge and for this I’ve created video course “Ethical hacking and Penetration testing” available for anyone.

It contains 10 actual topics:

  1. Introduction to commercial-grade penetration testing. Building workspace
  2. Information gathering. Open source intelligence (OSINT)
  3. Social engineering techniques
  4. Web applications security
  5. Web application attacks. Automatic tools
  6. Infrastructure security. Reconnaissance
  7. Infrastructure attacks. Metasploit Framework
  8. Basics of Android application & WiFi attacks
  9. Cybersecurity training platforms
  10. Writing commercial-grade report

The language of course is russian. But I’ll try to create english subtitles in my free time.

Also I should note, that I’m not newscaster 🙂 But I tried my best. If it is very slow, just increase speed to 1.5.

Here is the playlist:

Hope it will useful for you!

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